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we appreciate the feedback

Happy Joe Media appreciates honest feedback from all of our clients. Our objective is to always improve the experience and results we deliver to you. Here are some real testimonials from people we've served.


Brent Medovich

It was a pleasure to work with Happy Joe. I highly recommend them to anyone. We take great pride our website was made by a talented team of military veterans. HOOYAH!

CEO, LifeFlip Media

Eric Mitchell

Are you looking to launch a website or make your logo one that stands out in a crowd? Happy Joe Media is simply the best!!! Our logo rocks and our website is killer!!!

CEO, Honda Cengkareng

Ronald Siswara Wong

I had an amazing time working with James Dalman. I was looking for a designer, but in the end I got a trusted advisor and friend for a lifetime.


more kind words

I couldn’t be more thrilled with what James Dalman designed for my website. He created ridiculously good details that I still admire even months later.

Becky McCray

Speaker and Author

I love great brands. That’s why I recommend James to clients who need branding work. His decades of experience will help you effectively convey the message you want. I love his work!

Randy Cantrell

Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Happy Joe Media is absolutely brilliant when it comes to branding! Plus, their integrity and honesty have become rare in today’s society. I can't recommend them enough.

Ursula Comeau

Executive Trainer and Educator


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